One 'of the captains of the CR:5.' He completely hates Gian’s guts and is completely against Gian becoming his boss. To Gian, he’s the most annoying person from the CR:5. Ivan is not good at taking a joke and is completely against the idea of homosexuality.

Height: 178cm (5ft 10in)
Weight: 66kg (145lb)
Blood-Type: B
Eye color: Moss Grey
Age: 22
Birth: Dec. 23, 1910
Zodiac: Capricorn
Favorite food: Hot dogs that come with a punch, lollipops
Favorite color: White
Car: White Mercedes with a Supercharger (the “Valkyrie”)
Gun:Colt 45 (M1911)
Likes: Driving
Dislikes: Big wigs with an attitude and nothing to back it up,


He has short gray hair and grey eyes. His CR:5 mark is on his right shoulder. He is the funniest and most stupid out of all five of them. He is 22 years old and the youngest of them all. He is half Irish and Italian, but he doesn't understand Italian very well. His family is rich as well. He wears (out of the prison) a black suit and a blue/green shirt, that shows of his stomach, and a green belt that hangs down his leg.


He gets angry very easily but he really is a kind guy. He really cares for his men and has good contact with girls and is like a brother to them all. Daily he just sleeps around in his car and sometime watches over the little Miss Rosalia. He is easily one of the funniest characters in the bunch. He is reckless, homophobic, loud, swears alot and never thinks before he acts. He and Gian have a power-struggle kind of relationship which is hilarious to watch and Gian loves to tease Ivan, who goes ballistic. He's horrible at numbers, too. Despite appearances, though, he’s incredibly serious about his job, his subordinates, and his racket. A man with drive, and he’s not shy to yell it out. He also has an extremely strong grasp of his strengths and weaknesses and will go to great lengths to compensate for the flaws.

His loyalties with the CR:5 have always been questioned for various reasons. He has a strong support in the non-Italian side of the slums and knows Daivan like the back of his hand. His troops (many non-Italian Americans) are loyal only to him.


Father an ordinary Italian, mother an Irish, Ivan is actually in an especially strange position as a captain of a Mafia family. He’s very straightforward and easy to rile. He also seems to specialize in riling up others and annoying them and generally pushing all their buttons. He’s also strong in fights. Doesn’t care what he looks like and doesn’t care for hygiene, which is the one thing he and Gian agree on. Too bad Gian enjoys making fun of him too much.